MNGO 6% Nicotine Salt Pods for JUUL (5pcs)

MNGO 6% Nicotine Salt Pods for JUUL (5pcs)

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Product Description

MNGO 6% Nicotine Salt Pods are filled with 0.7ml of 6%/Volume (6 MG) of Salt Nicotine, and each pack has 5 pods, while most JUUL compatible pods in the market have only 4. Way to save money and get great flavors! 


Blueberry Mango
Features a delectable mango base in it, topped off with appetizing blueberries in order to stimulate your senses even more. Combining the fruit and the berry together, this blend never falls short of delivering the finest concoction to the doorstep of your senses. When you first inhale these pods, your senses will be tempted to unleash their inner beast and perform at the top of their expectations.
Strawberry Mango
Imparts a perfectly balanced combination of the tarty, pungent strawberry and the sweet, pulpy mango. When you’re taking drags from the pod, both flavors equally enter your senses and make themselves known. Their mild essence will never overpower your palate though; however, they are enough to distract you from all of your worries and concerns during the time of puffing.
Mango Melon
Synthesized with a rich, pulpy essence of the luscious mango, intertwined with a reinvigorating and revitalizing essence of the fresh melon. Combining the two will expel your senses from their contemporary paradigm of dwelling and catapult them into magical, heavenly worlds. 
Pink Lemonade
The pink lemonade flavoring in this concoction has been carefully measured out in order to match its mango based counterpart, imparting a world of delicious flavors and juicy tastes.
Strawberry Mint
Strawberry Mint disseminate the most succulent flavor combination to the palate. Let’s start with the tart, piquant strawberry. Imbued with gentle hints of sweetness and overshadowed by zesty flavors, you will never get enough of the fruit as you continue puffing on the pod. Second off, we have the mint. MNGO includes a delicious mint-leaf based flavor that is optimized to reinvigorate and freshen your palate. Together with the strawberry and the mango, this minty goodness reigns as the king of its own flavor genre. 

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Strawberry Mango, Mango Melon, Blueberry Mango, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Mint, Mango


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