Sneakerhead 100mL E-Juice by Glas

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Product Description

Sneakerhead 100mL E-Liquid by GlasRed October
A strawberry sorbet powered punch in the gut that’ll proveboth sweet, and refreshing. The perfect mid-day indulgence to help you escape the heat of the urban jungle.
That’s right, it was launched to megahype, but so what. It backs it up! It was launched to the greatest hype ever, the Kanya and Phil Knight two-headed marketing machine blew it up, and everyone went nuts. But we’re not talking about a shoe, we’re talking about the super smooth, strawberry sorbet hit of the Glas Red October. Fresh strawberry flavor, layered with cotton candy sugar notes and a touch of citrus, packing the kind of dope punch you’d expect from something named after those legendary kicks!
Sneakerhead 100mL E-Liquid by Glas
Power Laces
Sweet jaw breakers meet sour gummies, a few of everyone’s favorite things. Guaranteed to bring you back a ways with its sweet but bold flavor.
I’m not Marty McFly, so I have no idea what the future will look like, but I know what it will taste like in juice: Power Laces! Like Marty’s sick kicks which gives it the name, our Power Laces are the hottest thing to come back from the future since Marty McFly himself. The ultimate candy takeover combines the power of Doc’s Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor with the power of Sweet Tarts, crazy Sour Gummies and old school, Back from the Future Jaw Breakers. Even Biff couldn’t stop this flavor train!
Sneakerhead 100mL E-Liquid by Glas
The Dunk
An exclusive morning breakfast flavor designed to mimic the perfect home-cooked breakfast. Nothing tastes better than a fluffy buttery vanilla waffle in the morning. We won’t judge you if you start having more breakfasts for dinner.
The whispers start as soon the G.O.A.T steps out on the court: “Better back up man. You can’t stop it, you can only to contain him!” And that’s exactly whatsup with this primo Sneakerhead Flavor. Boom, INTENSE! That bass note comes tumbling through the lane, focused, that tongue-wagging all the way to the basket – BAM, the Dunk! It’s crazy vanilla cream, wrapped up in a buttery waffle cone, but make no mistake, this baby is all business. Take a hit, before you get posterized!
Sneakerhead 100mL E-Liquid by Glas
Blue 11
An icy blue flavor that’ll bring you back to those delicious ice pops mom would pull out of the fridge for you. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy a great ice pop, and now you won’t need to worry about it melting in your pocket.
No matter how dope the new stuff is, the classics are still classics. And what’s more old school, more legendary, than a pair of Carolina Blue, stone cold killer, Be-Like-Mike 11’s. And that’s why we went old school with our Blue Ice – it’s that high lift on the fadeaway, that follow-through on the shot, nothing but net blueberry popsicle, as sweet and summery blue as old Carolina itself. It’s fresh on the inhale, sweet on the exhale, with a finish like a 23 foot jumper!

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Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 2 x 1 in
Flavor | Nicotine Level

Blue 11 6MG


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