Rewards Program

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Please Note:

  1. Whenever you shop at, and provided you are a registered customer, and order / payment has been processed successfully, you will receive the corresponding amount of Rider Points. Please note that if you return your purchase, Vaporider will deduct the corresponding Rider points from your account. Also Rider Points used for a canceled order will be refunded to your account so you can use them again.

  2. If you use Rider Points or another price reduction to cover some (or all) of the payment total, then you cannot obtain Rider Points for that order.

  3. Rider Points can be used together with our promotional offers for even bigger savings.

  4. After earning points you will be able to spend them on your next purchase or whenever you would like. Points can be redeemed at checkout, and you will be able to determine how many points you want to use towards your purchase.

Vaporider reserves the right to amend these rules and provisions. Please feel free to contact us!