The latest in cloud chasing tanks!

It has always been known that the more airflow means more cloud production. That’s why we all have a RDA, but now tanks are evolving. So we can still get the same amount of cloud production without having to drip every couple of pulls. Now SMOK and HorizonTech are changing it even more with their new TFV12 and Arctic12.

Both companies have come out with another great product as usual. As you can imagine, these coils are enormous! With more than enough clearance for the air to flow freely. So what sets these two apart? As far as performance, and functions, they are both even. The SMOK TFV12 has more color options, and comes with two replacements coils, unlike Arctic’s V12 one extra coil. Both have spare glass and seals. The SMOK comes with a spare top juice fill seal and drip tip adapter (which I think is useless.).

So really it comes down to what your style is. The Arctic V12 has a cleaner look in my opinion, while a lot of people like the knurling on the TFV12, and the multiple color options. All I can say is, whatever you buy, you will not be let down. Just bring plenty of juice!

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  1. Just ordered the TFV12, super excited for it. Couple people I know have one and I’ve hit it a few times now, love the air floor and the overall look.

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