August 8th Aftermath

Now that August 8th has come to pass, with the FDA’s involvement, many of us vapers worry about the future of this industry. Over the years, there have been thousands of devices, atomizers, and e-liquids that have been introduced and used by millions of vapers. Many people have made the switch to get away from smoking cigarettes, and others use it for recreational purposes. Either way, it would be a tragedy to see this industry vanish because of greed, ignorance, or just plain laziness to speak out and help support something that has so much positive potential for health and economy. It truly saddens me to think that we may have all our favorites taken off the market, never to be seen again. What will be out there when spectacular mods like the Wismec Reuleaux , the SMOK H-Priv, the IJoy LimitlessLMC, the Sigelei Fuchai, or any of the other greats are no longer available? How about when atomizers (RDA, RTA, and tanks alike) such as the fantastic UWell Crown, SMOK TFV4 & TFV8, Geekvape Avacado & Griffin, and all the rest disappear from the market? What e-juices and companies will be available when our favorites like Naked Fish, Suicide Bunny, Kilo, Five Pawns, Cosmic Fog, Pin Up Vapors, Cutwood, and many, many more can no longer provide us with their great selection of delicious flavors? Are we all going to be forced to only use the devices produced by big tobacco? Or go back to smoking their cancer sticks? Are we all going to just lay there and do nothing about it? That is EXACTLY what this greedy government and big tobacco wants you to do. NOTHING! I believe that it is all of our responsibility to make sure this doesn’t happen. This is just the beginning. We still have an opportunity to band together and make sure things turn out the way WE want it to, not the way “they” want it to. It is also our responsibility to know all the facts of this contovrsy, so stay educated and join an organizations like CASAA (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association, SFATA ( Smoke-free Alternatives to Tobacco Association), or TVECA (Trade Vapor E Cig Association). Don’t let our government force us buy only their big tobacco produced devices and  to pay high taxes to fill their pockets along with these big corporations. Don’t just roll over and look the other way while “they” pick away at our freedom and rights. This is America, so do your part as a individual, and be an American…again. This is a privilege, and our right. Don’t let that be taken away from us, too. Together, everyone can make a difference.



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